Family Mentality Musikvideo

©Dr. Ginger, Tobias Fischbach, Noah Petek, Felix Zorn-Pauli


Huge thanks to Noah Petek and Benjamin Bliemegger for shooting the video! Thanks to Dubs for editing the video, and to Manuel Hüttner for helping with the grading. Huge thanks also to Felix Zorn-Pauli once again for shooting and editing the behind-the-scenes.

Finally, I want to thank all of the wonderful actors, who did an amazing job and were an absolute pleasure to work with. From Clara Sydney who helped find all the other actors after I just briefly introduced her to the concept and plan, making her part of the management crew, aside from being one of the main characters of the video. To Sophie Wendler who, through all of her experience in front of and around cameras, transcended her role as an actor and became a huge help as a creative director for certain scenes. To Cora Reichenhauser, Marie Maier, Hannah Petzl and Chrissi who were super easy to work with and a tremendous help on set. I appreciate each and everyone of you. I doubt you understand how big this is for me, and sharing this with all of you is an absolute pleasure.

Dr. Ginger

Behind the Scenes!

Das zweite Musikvideo von Dr.Ginger war ein sehr großer Erfolg und das Behind the Scenes zeigt was bei dem Dreh alles passiert ist. Das BTS ist vor dem Musikvideo veröffentlicht worden und diente somit als Teaser. Produziert von Felix Zorn-Pauli!

©Felix Zorn-Pauli

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